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Non-Strategy 10k Months

Your mind is about to be BLOWN, 

It’s so freaking easy to get caught up in this;

-I need a website!

-Must launch a podcast!

-I think I’ll do a facebook group!

-Must post 5x a week to drive traffic!

-Maybe cold DMing ppl will work?

-pinterest, yes pinterest, that's what I need.

-wait no, I need these email templates that will bring me a 50k launch!


engaging, talking to people, and building relationships is a hard sell. It’s not tangible, but here's the kicker- it's the foundation of all business.

But what people want is the quick fix.

The STRATEGY, the PLAN, the OUTLINE to 1 millllllllion dollars. Puke me. 🤮

Fine, I did the unsavvy, and the unthinkable, and I condensed what all my best clients, and big names do into 4 actionable steps for you. 

After working with, for, and having multiple clients with 10k-70k, and even 
100k months, I put together the 4 things they do to start out, and how you can do them too.

>>With ease, without creating much of anything!

Stop hiding behind your screen building building building, start showing up