"I don’t have a story to tell. " 

I'm Nobody Special.

I Call Bullsh*t.

You just don't know how to tell stories to connect,

that lead to engagement,

that lead to more money in your pocket. 

All Businesses are built on the backs of relationships. 

Relationships are started through connection. 

Connection is found through stories.


What if I told you that you just need 10 different core stories and brand value pillars to be told in 1000 different ways?

Sounds insane right?

That’s where I can come in!


We will map out your core 3-4 stories, 

As well as package up and teach you how to use your stories in 10+ different concepts. 

You don’t need more stories. 

You just need the exact blueprint and framework on what to say, 

what to do, and how to do it.

Making it 50 pieces of content with just 4 core stories. 


Stories are the connection to people, 

Connections build relationships, 

All businesses are built on the backs of relationships. 



Creators are the next millionaires.

Are you ready to be one?

*When you purchase this program you also will get $100 off my Messaging and Marketing Program in Fall 2022 in your choose to buy then. 

*These modules are a taste of how I teach inside my signature program with unlimited 1 to 1 support. 

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"This course, with your teaching and prompts, really helped me to understand where to look for my stories! As well as how to put them together. People buy from people and these stories will help them connect with me and how I can help them. "

Creating Your Encore Career and Becoming a Silver Entrepreneur

"Hilary really has a knack for simplifying concepts! In a world where people feel like they need to create complex frameworks to be seen as valuable, Hilary simplifies storytelling and makes the concept SO accessible! This course is a hands down no brainer to sign up for. It will change how you think of marketing and not waste any of your time. "

Intuitive Business Coach

"I loved Hilary’s storyteller course! It was quick, informative and very easy to follow along. She really broke it down into simple actionable steps! It gave me the confidence and “know how” to start using her simplified marketing tips for myself. I am not perfect at it yet, but I am definitely way better than I was before I took her course!"

Stephanie Blum
Owner & Principal Designer NextGen Interiors LLC

Hey! I'm Hilary!

Telling my own story has been the life blood of my own business. From launching 2 businesses on the backs of my husbands passions and degree- then transitioning into my own business. I told the journey the entire way. 

Now with over 400+ students and clients helped, this course will help you craft you!

People buy from people. You as a business get to showcase that. 

Keyword Salad: 4 kids | Enneagram 8 | Green Bay Packer Lover | Minnesotan | Wife to The Hot Parenting Guy ;)

Lets Tell Your Story!

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